Early Ford V8 Club #109

Don Landels, 42 Ford Pickup

Don in the Driver's SeatThe truck on the streetCory and Laura the day before their wedding

The story of Old ’42.

The pick up is from High River, in southern Alberta. My father purchased it from his childhood friend in the late 1970’s.

It spent the next 30 years on my parents farm near Sundre, Alberta.

It was a never restored, but my father did have plans to do the restoration after he retired. Unfortunately, my father passed away before he was able to work on the truck.

Old ’42 was made road worthy in the spring of 2015 as special homage paid to my father as requested by my son Cory and future daughter in law Laura. They wanted the truck to be play a part in their wedding that summer. The truck toured guests around Oak Bay that were in town for the party!