Early Ford V8 Club #109

Show and Shine 2013

It was a dark and stormy night – well that of course is always our worst fears when putting on any event, especially “ The Picnic”. Fortunately this year’s event was supplied with lots of warm sunshine and warmer smiles. As usual, the line-up  for  entry started  long before opening time. I guess some people want to get that specific spot, park next to their buddy (who they park next to at every weekend car show) or there are just a bunch on insomniacs who own old cars.
The good weather brought out a great selection of vintage iron and as usual with every year, there were some new projects that had made it out of the barn for 2013. The  200 plus cars strained the capacity of Heritage Acres and the parking crew had to be creative. As it was, the well over 200 vehicles strained the available space and fortunately, late arrivers were lucky to find spaces vacated by early departers. Rukus put on a great show as usual and had people up ‘shucking and jiving’.

Trophy winners included:

Thanks to all the Club members, wives, volunteers, and others, who turned out to make this another great Fords and Friends Show and Shine. And a special thanks to all our sponsors who help make this such a great show.

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